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At A2Z Nannies, we understand how important finding the right childcare options for your family is. We can offer a range of family nanny services to suit any situation. Whether you want a live-in nanny, one to cover only your working ours or even a temporary placement for school vacation, A2Z Nannies have got it covered.

Permanent Nanny Services

A2Z Nannies are pleased to provide placement of permanent, live-in and live-out childcare professionals, and we understand that choosing the perfect caregiver for your children can be a long and painstaking process. That’s why we are here – to streamline the process for you.

Permanent Placement Fee: $2,500.00

Temporary Nanny Services

A2Z Nannies provides temporary live-in and live-out childcare service professionals to cover your summer, date night, and after school childcare needs.

Part-time Placement Fee: $1,500.00
Summer Placement Fee: $1,200.00

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